Hey Swear Jar amateur

We're so glad you're reading this. Not sure what Whisky tastes like? Not sure you're going to like our product? Trust me, you will. As we already mentioned, it tastes so good we dare you not to swear. Still not convinced on our product? Then Keep F*N reading!

Yea we know, we don’t look like all the other guys, and we are F*N glad we don’t. Forget the whisky rules, we are here to break them. We break down the age barriers with our refined blend, and it only took us three  years to figure out that age is JUST a Number! Give it a try, we dare you!

When aging in barrels, there is a loss of about 2% of the total volume per year of whisky.

Because the liquid would evaporate into the heavens, it was dubbed the “angel’s share.”

We know how precious whisky is, so we made sure our caps are tight and sealed with nothing going to the angels.

Whisky is a type of distilled alcoholic beverage made from fermented grains such as barley, corn, and wheat. Not typically to be served for breakfast like our traditional cereal and please do NOT add milk! This isn’t your typical trail mix.

To be called Canadian, besides being polite, a Whisky must be mashed, distilled and aged a minimum of three years in Canada. These ingredients are aged in wooden casks for three years which is the youngest of all Whiskies. And yes Age is just a number. Our Whisky may be young, but he sure knows how to please your palates.

Swear Jar offers a perfect blend of pleasantly sweet aromas along notes of ginger and cloves that goes down smoothly leaving no harsh aftertaste. Our Whisky is guaranteed smooth and easy to drink whether you’re discovering this spirit for the first time, or are an avid whisky drinker looking to discover something new.

Don’t listen to ‘’Whisky Police’’.  The best way to enjoy Whisky is the way you like it.  Over ice if you please, in a glass…or straight out of the bottle.

We are firm believers sourcing out the best ingredients directly from our backyard. We use great Canadian grains from the west cost. Everyone knows the west is the best! We are 100% homegrown and proud.

It depends on who you ask.  The more the whisky matures in the barrel, the more it takes up the notes of the barrel which can mask the underlying grain.

Of course you can.  A great whisky makes a great whisky cocktail.  Check out our recipes for some simple ideas.