Pong & Swear

Number of Players: 4 or more. 2 teams.

Supplies: ping pong balls : 2 per team.
Beer pong glasses.

How to play

Place the 6 glasses in a pyramid shape (3, 2, 1), making sure that the glasses touch each other (no space between the glasses, no cheating!) 

Fill each glass with the drink of your choice. We strongly encourage you to diversify your drinks with water or soft drinks. Our goal is to keep playing as long as possible! 

Throw the ball in one of the glasses of your opponent to make him drink, and remove empty glasses (do not let the elbow go beyond the table when you throw the ball, leaning is cheating.)

If a ball bounces and falls into the glass, it is removed from the table and your opponents must drink 2 sips. Wow, you’re good!

 If the ball is bouncing, the other team can tap it with their hand to deflect it.

The ball is spinning trying to get out of a glass? You can blow into it to force it out! If the ball hits 2 or more glasses, they must be bussed and removed from the table


Ultimate rule with Swear Jar: put an opened bottle next to each team’s glass and if a team can throw the ball in, they win and the other team must drink the remaining glasses on the table. See? Diversifying your beverages with soft drinks and water helped you aim right and win!

We recommend that you drink soda, soft drinks or water to avoid swearing and to be safe.
Don't forget to put money in the jar every time you lose and swear. Gosh, someone’s gonna hit the jackpot tonight.