Shake that Ace

Shake that Ace

Number of Players: 3 or more.
Supplies: dice cup with 5 dice-one and a coin.

How to play

Get some dice-one for each player-and roll off to see who goes first.

First player rolls all the die trying for 1’s (aces). 

If a player doesn’t roll an ace, he passes the cup on to the player to his left

If a player rolls and gets an ace (or multiple aces), count the number of aces and roll again

When a player reaches or surpasses the numbers 7, 14, 21, the following happens:

  • 7 = prepare a new drink and be creative (don’t forget to name it something fun and post it on social media!)
  • 14= give a shot of your new drink (tell us how the spicy kick goes!)
  • 21= drink all of your new concoction (someone’s gonna end up funny…)


You can also try the “Double or Nothing game”:

Turn over the cap of the Swear Jar bottle and bounce a coin on the table aiming to get it in the cap. 

If you win, you stay in the game and give your drink to another player (you’re safe for now).

If you lose, you quit the game until all players leave.

The winner of the game wins all coins in the cap.
Ask immediately for another round, it’s time to get your revenge, and another drink.

We recommend that you drink soda, soft drinks or water to avoid swearing and to be safe.
Don't forget to put money in the jar every time you lose and swear. Gosh, someone’s gonna hit the jackpot tonight.