Swearing Fingers

Number of Players:  2 or more.
As many people you can fit around our bottle or a glass in a circle.

This game is quick and easily taught and learned, so recruiting
your friends that haven’t played before isn’t an issue.

How to play

Swearing Fingers starts with a participant providing his empty Swear Jar bottle, or whatever he wants. To win this game, you must not be the last player with your finger around the bottle or glass. 

Each player pours a small amount of their own beverage into “the cup”. You can totally mix your beverage with soft drink or water, the most important is that the cup is filled with victory!

Each turn starts with all players putting one finger on the rim of the Swear Jar bottle. 

When all fingers are on the rim, the player whose turn it is announces “3 – 2 – 1” followed by a number. The number is the player’s guess at how many fingers will remain on the cup. 

All participating players, including the player whose turn it is, have the option to keep their finger on the cup, or to remove it from the cup after the countdown “3 – 2 – 1” count. 

A correct guess eliminates the player from the game (it’s a win!) and an incorrect guess keeps the player active in the game.

The game progresses clockwise and ends when only one person remains – the loser. He must drink the contents of the entire cup without swearing, otherwise he puts money in the jar!

As this game is super easy and funny, you shouldn’t have trouble finding lots of players!

Enjoy the cup! 

We recommend that you drink soda, soft drinks or water to avoid swearing and to be safe.
Don't forget to put money in the jar every time you lose and swear. Gosh, someone’s gonna hit the jackpot tonight.