Great tasting whisky with a foul mouth

In the words of Mark Twain, ‘’Too much of anything is bad, but too much good whisky is barely enough.”

Whisky lemonade

Life gave us lemons and we created the best whisky lemonade on the block. No need to get all sour on life with a drink this good. Our ready to drink cocktail has the perfect balance of carbonation and lemon zest. We call this drink our liquid sunshine. 

Swear Jar Whisky 750 ML

When sipping on Swear Jar whisky you can no longer rely on age statements. It’s time to gain confidence on your own palate. Swear Jar is a three-year-old Canadian whisky that is simply loaded with flavours. Our recipe is made up of sweet, tangy, peppery heat, rich, mouth-coating caramel flavour, ginger, cloves and hints of fruit. Made to satisfy the taste buds with every sip. The perfect blend of homegrown Canadian rye, wheat and barley.The perfect blend for those wishing to step out of their comfort zone and dive into the world of Whisky.

Old Fashioned

Skip the bartender and the fancy bar tools because we have got you all sorted out with our ready to drink Old fashioned whisky cocktail. Lightly carbonated with hints of orange zest, this is the real deal. Simply crack open and serve chilled. Tastes so good we dare you not swear.