Drunk Oreo

Cocktail feat. SWEAR JAR Whisky

Next time you want to get fancy in front of your friends, knock ‘em on their heels with this sweet Oreo cookie shot recipe. Made with Canadian whisky and F@!&% easy to throw together.




  • Classic SWEAR JAR Whisky
  • Oreos
  • Small empty jar or empty SWEAR JAR Whisky bottle


Recipe by @ mindful_mixologist


  1. Stack a handful of Oreos in your jar of choice.
  2. Pour in enough whisky to cover half the cookies.
  3. Secure jar with lid and shake the s*t out of it. Then, let sit for 24 hours.
  4. Strain to remove the icky bits (it’s gonna look gross, but the smell is chef’s kiss)
  5. Pour into a shot glass and drink!


Bartender notes

How do you strain a cocktail? There are a few different ways to filter the Oreo bits from your Oreo shot, but we’re only going to share the best way: Muslin cloth. The cloth is porous enough to let the whisky pass though without any solids going along for the ride. And if you’re thinking of using your mother’s top-drawer stockings, we’re going to stop you right there. Gross, bro.

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