Swear Jar Canadian Whisky

smooth whisky

Meet the bottle that started it all. Our Classic SWEAR JAR Canadian whisky is a beautifully blended multi-grain liquor that’s smooth, light and, well, next-level fabulous. Each sip delivers a mind-blowing kick of rich caramel & peppery heat with aromas of oak, ginger, clove and a hint of vanilla. Put it in your cocktails or sip it straight—no one gives a F*&?.

We swear by it. Do you? Drop us a g*d d&%n review.

SWEAR JAR Candied Green Apple

How you like them apples, !?

Featuring green apples and subtle notes of pepper & baking spices, SWEAR JAR Candied Green Apple Canadian whisky is like a pie in the f*&ing face—but without the mess. First, you’re hit with the sweet and tangy flavors of candied green apples and then caramelized ginger and cloves. Finally, the experience transitions into a lusciously smooth and fruity finish. Made to mix into cocktails, take it as a shot or sip it on the rocks—you do you.

No one gives F#$?& what we think. It’s your opinion that counts.

SWEAR JAR Maple Donut

Pure maple syrup,

The maple donut is a Canadian coffee shop experience we swear by. That’s why we created SWEAR JAR Maple Donut Canadian Whisky. Featuring a combination of real maple syrup (no fake sh*t), cinnamon heat and peppery spice, this single malt delivers a f*&ken smooth and balanced finish few can resist. Make a drool-worthy dessert cocktail, sip it straight or add it to your coffee—it’s a free country.

Who gives a flying f#$?& what your cousin thinks. We want YOUR opinion.

Fab drink recipes

We’ve put together a collection of the easiest, most amazing beverage recipes you can make using SWEAR JAR whisky, SWEAR JAR Candied Green Apple and SWEAR JAR Maple Donut.
Your cocktail game will never look the same.

If whisky's not your jam, we've got these other craps!

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Swearing contest

Whether it’s a quick round of Swear Pong or a game Finger Spoof marathon, we love ourselves a good drinking game.
So, grab your potty mouth, an empty bottle of SWEAR JAR and let the games begin.
Pro tip: Revenge is best served over ice.

Where to fill your whisky glass

We’re working on bringing more SWEAR JAR to more fabulous stores near you. For now, you’ll find us in specialty shops across the USA and in some Canadian liquor stores.

Is there a location we missed? WE NEED TO KNOW.